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Slavonic Documents
15.6 Injunction of Empress Anna Ioannovna (1730-40)
5 June 1730
Panteleimon Monastery
Parchment, 27 x 19 cm



The Original New Testament

This imperial injunction confirms an earlier one issued by Peter the Great on 7 March 1710. It renews the privileges granted to the Mayor (voit), Dmitrii Polotskii, the Governor (burmistr), Lavnikov, and the notables of Kiev, namely the right to possess and exploit land, forest, and water resources, to trade in the products got from them, and generally to engage in commerce and professions. Clerics, secular dignitaries, and Cossacks are specifically excluded from these rights. The injunction was obviously issued on the occasion of the Empress's accession to the throne.

The injunction is written in Russian and covers four leaves of membrane. Each of the eight pages is elaborately decorated with a broad frame containing the branches of a plant with red and blue flowers. The predominant colours are light grey, red, and gold. Half the first page is taken up by the imperial coat of arms with the two-headed eagle, which is painted on a circular gold field and surrounded by multicoloured flowers. The text begins with a lovely gold monogram of the Russian word Bogou (God). The document is signed on page eight by the 'State Chancellor, Count Kyril Golytsin'. Two thick, gold-tasselled pieces of cord hang from the last page. One passes through a red seal of Spanish wax in a round gilded case bearing a relief representation of the imperial coat of arms and the two-headed eagle.

Bibliography: The text of the injunction is unpublished. For a photograph of the first page, see Tachiaos 1989, p. 197, Fig. 118.

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