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Romanian Documents
16.1 Chrysobull of Elias, Voivode of Moldavia
7 August 6940 (1432)
Iviron Monastery, Sacristy
Romanian Archives, no. 1246
Language: Slavonic
Paper, 20.8 x 16.3 cm


The Original New Testament

The Prince of Moldavia, Elias, informs all concerned that he has made over to Ivanish half of an unnamed village near the river Tazlau. Ivanish has the right to transfer ownership of the village to his children, his grandchildren, and so on. The boundary of the land must remain as it has always been. The other part of the village belongs to Costea.

Signed by the Prince himself, his son Roman, his brother Bogdan, and the members of the Divan of Moldavia.

Bibliography: Unpublished.

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