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Romanian Documents
16.10 Chrysobull of the Prince of Wallachia, Michael Radu
1 May 7166 (1658)
Xenophontos Monastery, Library
Language: Slavonic
Scribe: Constantine, grand logothetes
Parchment, 58.5 x 38.2 cm


The Original New Testament

The Prince of Wallachia, Michael Radu, confirms previous gifts made to Xenophontos Monastery. These consist of an unspecified sum of money, together with the ownership of the village of Recika and the old village of Plopi in the district of Dolj, with corresponding tracts of forest, water, marshland, etc., which are also exempted from taxes and statute labour. He goes on to mention, by name and date, the previous chrysobulls granting gifts, from the one issued by Neagoe Basarab (in 1513/14) to the one issued by Gabriel Movila (1616-20), including the one issued by the present Prince's father; as also the dedicatory documents of the bans Barbu the Elder and the Younger and the vornic Serban, all of them damaged and erased.

Wishing to distinguish himself as the new founder of Xenophontos Monastery, the Prince confirms all the above. He appoints as witnesses eleven boyars, members of the Divan of Wallachia.

Bibliography: Documente 1936, pp. 228-36.

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