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Romanian Documents
16.11 Chrysobull of Prince Stefanitza Lupu
22 March 7168 (1660)
Vatopedi Monastery
Romanian Archives, no. 1363
Language: Slavonic
Scribe: Basil Corlatescu
Parchment, 48.5 x 67.7 cm


The Original New Testament

Stefanitza Lupu, Prince of Moldavia, with the blessing of the country's four supreme prelates, namely the Metropolitan of Suceava and the Bishops of the districts of Roman, Radautzi, and Hushi, re-dedicates the recently renovated Golia Monastery to Vatopedi. He grants it the villages of Clicicautzi and Mileneshti, free of taxes and statute labour. He also exempts the monastery from the tax of 1000 sheep, 1000 beehives, 50 swine, etc. The monks shall mention his name in their services all year round as long as the monastery exists.

Signed by fifteen high-ranking officials, members of the Divan of Moldavia.

Bibliography: Catalogul 1968, p. 126.

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