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Romanian Documents
16.13 Chrysobull of the Voivode of Wallachia, Gregory I Ghikas
20 March 7171 (1663)
Simonopetra Monastery, Sacristy
Romanian Archives, no. 57
Language: Slavonic
Scribe: Dumitrashcu, logothetes
Parchment, 57.4 x 40.8 cm


The Original New Testament

The Prince of Wallachia, Gregory I Ghikas, exempts ten people from the Monastery of Mihei-Voda in Bucharest, which is dedicated to the memory of St Nicholas and is a dependency of Simonopetra Monastery (its hegumen is Gregory), from all the taxes and statute labour (twenty-four items in all) incumbent upon the country's other tax-payers. For example, he exempts them from the poll tax, the thalers, the payment of a quantity of honey, wax, and hay, the tithe on commodities and bees, the tax on barren swine, on sheep, on horses for use by royal officials, from manual labour, and from the tax on households. No royal official shall harass them, because the monastery is poor and lacks income.

The Prince appoints as witnesses eleven great notables of Wallachia.

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