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Romanian Documents
16.14 Chrysobull of the Prince of Wallachia, Serban Cantacuzenos
14 January 7194 (1686)
Docheiariou Monastery
Romanian section, no. 1
Language: Romanian
Scribe: Stanciu, logothetes
Paper, 72.7 x 57.4 cm.


The Original New Testament

Serban Cantacuzenos, Prince of Wallachia, confirms that a monastery named Vaideei, in Slobozia, in the district of Ialomitza, which is a dependency of Docheiariou Monastery, owns a plot of land in Pareiatzi (or Fundeni) with an area of 200 st njeni.

According to evidence from the year 7144 (1635/6), it was bought by Prince Matthew Basarab from the paharnic Michael for 70 ughi and later given to the Slobozia Monastery. The monks there owned it in peace until the reign of the Voivode Constantine [Serban] (1654-8), when some villagers laid claim to it.

Prince Serban Cantacuzenos confirms that the monastery owns the land.

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