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Romanian Documents
16.15 Chrysobull of the Prince of Wallachia, Serban Cantacuzenos
1 April 7189 (1681)
St Paul's Monastery, Sacristy
Romanian Archives, no. 72
Language: Romanian
Scribe: Dumitrashcu, logothetes
Parchment, 46.7 x 36.6 cm


The Original New Testament

The ruling Prince of Wallachia, Serban Cantacuzenos, dedicates to Jitianu Monastery, which is a dependency of the St Paul's Monastery and was built by Balasha, wife of his uncle, Prince Constantine Serban, the village of Ianicu in the district of Dolj, together with twenty rum ni, who will be exempt from taxes and statute labour. Having ascertained, by reading chrysobulls issued by previous princes, such as those of Radu Michnea of 7121 (1612-13), Radu Serban of 7115 (1606-7), and (the most recent) his uncle, Constantine Serban of 7162 (1653-4), that Jitianu Monastery is in need of income, the ruling Prince confirms the aforementioned gift for its financial support. Nine high-ranking officials of the Divan of Wallachia sign as witnesses.

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