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Romanian Documents
16.16 Chrysobull of the Prince of Wallachia, Gregory II Ghikas
December 7242 (1733)
Vatopedi Monastery
Romanian Archives, no. 1571
Language: Romanian
Scribe: Parvan, logofetel
Parchment, 48.2 x 42 cm


The Original New Testament

Gregory II Ghikas, Prince of Wallachia, makes a gift to Precista Monastery in Focshani, which was built 'from the foundations' by his uncle, the Voivode of Moldavia, Nicholas Mavrokordatos, and is a dependency of Vatopedi Monastery. He grants it the right, for the duration of his reign, to receive 200 blocks of salt a year from the royal salt-mine at the time when other monasteries are receiving theirs, for his commemoration. He also permits the monastery to receive from the royal custom-house at Focshani the sum of 60 thalers a year (five thalers a month) for wax and oil. Lastly, he urges the rulers who succeed him to renew these rights for the monastery.

Witnessed by thirteen boyars, members of the Divan of Wallachia.

Bibliography: Caion 1906, pp. 104-6.

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18th century

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