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Romanian Documents
16.17 Chrysobull of the Prince of Wallachia, Scarlat G. Ghikas
20 February 1760
Xeropotamou Monastery
Romanian Archives, no. LIV
Language: Romanian
Scribe: the priest Floru
Professor of Slavonic in the Church of Old St George in Bucharest
Paper, 73 x 53 cm


The Original New Testament

Scarlat G. Ghikas, Voivode of Wallachia, announces the arrival in Bucharest of the miraculous fragment of the True Cross, which is one cubit in length and was given to Xeropotamou Monastery by the Emperor Romanos. Following the example of previous princes, the Voivode confirms the old gift to the Monastery of 500 thalers from the camarashes of the salt-mines on 9 March (the Feast of the Forty Martyrs). He also makes the Metropolitan Philaretos and his successors in Wallachia responsible for sending the sum to the monastery.

Confirmed by the Prince himself, his sons Alexander, Michael, Nicholas, Gregory, and George, and eleven great boyars of the Divan of Wallachia.

Bibliography: Erbiceanu 1887, pp. 343-7.

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