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Athos Holy Mount

Romanian Documents
16.2 Strip of fabric
20 March 1553 (7061)
Dionysiou Monastery, Library
Language: Slavonic
Silk, 9.02 m x 0.29 cm


The Original New Testament

Alexander Lapushneanu, Prince of Moldavia, announces the building of the iconostasis in the katholikon of Dionysiou Monastery.

Full translation from the Slavonic

By the will of God, the instrumentality of his Son, and completion by the Holy Spirit, Voivode Alexander, by God's mercy Prince of the land of Moldavia, son of Voivode Bogdan, grandson of Voivode Stephen, built this iconostasis and assigned it to the Church of the Divine Nativity of John the Forerunner and Baptist of Christ, on Mount Athos, in its foundation, the monastery called Dionysiou, as an offering (prayer) for himself and his relations, in the year 7071, on the 20th day of the month of March.

Bibliography: Nasturel 1986, p. 154 (French translation).

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