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Romanian Documents
16.4 Chrysobull of the Prince of Moldavia, Jeremy Movila
16 February 7111 (1603)
Romanian Archives, no. 1055
Language: Slavonic
Scribe: Arsenios Nepozatco
Parchment, 24.3 x 60.0 cm


The Original New Testament

The Prince of Moldavia, Jeremy Movila, gives to Stephen Prajescu, camarash of the salt mines, for his loyal service, the former royal village of Adjiudeni on the River Siret in the district of Roman. He gives it to him both because he has learned that it belonged to him of old, on the basis of a chrysobull of the Voivode Stephen the Elder, and because Prajescu has given the country four horses, with a total value of 120 ughi, and 100 ughi in cash.

Witnessed by the Prince's sons, Constantine and Alexander, and fourteen notables, members of the Divan of Moldavia.

Bibliography: Unpublished.

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