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Romanian Documents
16.5 Letter from the Dionysiou Monastery with the seal of the Holy Community
7078 (1570)
Dionysiou Monastery, Sacristy
Language: Greek
Parchment, 56 x 39 cm


The Original New Testament

The Assembly of Dionysiou Monastery thanks Roxandra, widow of Alexander Lapushneanu, Prince of Moldavia (later the monk Pachomios, and a founder of the monastery), for her generosity to Dionysiou Monastery.

In 1568, when Sultan Selim confiscated the monastery's property, Roxandra put up the money to redeem the debts, estates, pledges, and the rest of the monastery's movable property.

The monks will frequently commemorate both Roxandra and her son, the Voivode Bogdan.

Bibliography: Gabriel D. 1959, pp. 111-13. See also no. 13.38.

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16th century

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