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Romanian Documents
16.6 Chrysobull of Michael the Brave, Prince of Wallachia
28 August 7107 (1599)
Simonopetra Monastery, Sacristy
Romanian archives, no. 1
Language: Slavonic
Scribe: Stan, logothetes
Parchment, 69.8 x 58.1 cm


The Original New Testament

Prince Michael the Brave gives to the Monastery of St Nicholas (Mihei-Voda), of which he is the founder, the following: the villages of Dralea, Suharna, Costeni, Popeshti, Cuneshti, Romaneshti, Suhavi, several plots of land in the villages of Despicatzi, Campeni, Buciumeni, and Spantzovul de Sus, and the Manea and Cosma gypsy families. Some of these villages have been bought by private individuals, Popeshti was bought by Prince Michnea, and the villagers are now dependent.

After this gift, the Prince dedicates the monastery to Simonopetra, and calls down anathema on all those who do not respect his gift and dedication.

Michael appoints as witnesses seven great boyars of Wallachia.

Bibliography: Documenta 1975, pp. 476-83.

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16th century

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