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Seals Of The Monasteries
17.10 Seal of the Iviron Monastery
Iviron Monastery
Copper alloy, diameter 4.2 cm


The Original New Testament

The matrix of this seal bears a representation of the Dormition of the Virgin, to which the Monastery is dedicated. Around the perimeter is the legend: + ΣΦPAΓHΣ MONHΣ BAΣIΛIKHΣ K(AI) ΣEΠTHΣ T(ΩN) IBIPΩN THΣ YΠEPAΓIAΣ ENΔOΞOY ΔEΣΠOINIΣ HMΩN ΘE(OTOK)OY T(H)Σ ΠOPTAHTHΣHΣ ('Seal of the Royal and Venerable Monastery of Iviron of Our Most Holy and Glorious Lady of the Portaitissa').

Bibliography: Unpublished.

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