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Athos Holy Mount

Seals Of The Monasteries
17.3 Seal of the Vatopedi Monastery
Vatopedi Monastery
Silver alloy, diameter 4 cm, preserved height 2.5 cm


The Original New Testament

The matrix of this seal bears an austere and stylised representation of the Annunciation. Above the scene, between the figures of the Virgin and the Archangel Gabriel, is a legend reading: EYAΓΓEΛ(IΣ)MO(Σ)(Annunciation), and beneath it the date ZPKH (1620). Around the perimeter is the legend + ΣΦPAΓIΣ AΓIA T(H)Σ ΘEIAΣ IEPAΣ BAΣIΛIKIΣ K(AI) ΠATPIAPXHKIΣ MONIΣ TOY BAT(O)ΠEΔIOY (Sacred seal of the Holy Royal and Patriarchal Monastery of Vatopedi).

Bibliography: Chrysochoidis 1996, p. 57, fig. 35.

Index of exhibits of Monastery of Vatopedi
17th century

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