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Seals Of The Monasteries
17.5 Seal of the hieromonk Bessarion of Pantokrator
Pantokrator Monastery
Copper alloy, diameter 1.8 cm, height 4 cm


The Original New Testament

Personal seal of the hieromonk Bessarion, of the Pantokrator Monastery. The engraving represents the Dormition of the Virgin, to which the owner evidently owed a special veneration. Around the perimeter runs the legend (with his name and the date): BHΣΣAPIOY IEPOMONAX(OY) ΠA(NTO)K(PATOPINOY) 1777.

Three corals are set into the ornate handle, and on the top there are rings through which a ribbon or cord may be passed. This is the only known reference to Bessarion.

Bibliography: Unpublished.

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18th century

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