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Seals Of The Monasteries
17.6 Seal of a dependency of the Iviron Monastery at Kalyvia in Eastern Thrace
19th c., 1st half
Iviron Monastery
Copper alloy, diameter 7.1 cm


The Original New Testament

On the matrix of this seal is a stylized representation of the Virgin and Child, in the type of the Hodegetria. The base to which it was once secured by means of a hole in the centre has been lost. The haloes behind the Virgin and the Christ Child display, respectively, the following legends: MH(TH)P Θ(EO)Y and O ΩN ('He that is'); to the left of the figure of Christ is his monogram I(HΣOY)Σ X(PIΣTO)Σ. Around the perimeter runs the legend: + H ΠAPOYΣA ΣΦPAΓ(I)ΔA HNΔE + THΣ ΠANAΓIAΣ + THΣ ΦANEPOMENHΣ + AΠ(O) + TA KAΛIBIA+ ('This seal belonged to the [church of] the Panagia Phaneromeni in Kalyvia').

The Church of the Virgin in Kalyvia (Eastern Thrace) was bequeathed to the Iviron Monastery as a dependency in 1763.

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19th century

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