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Seals Of The Monasteries
17.9 Seal of the Stavronikita Monastery
before 1888
Stavronikita Monastery


The Original New Testament

Neither the representation nor the legend on this monastic seal are known; it is wrapped in a piece of cloth that has been tied up with string and sealed with Spanish wax. Written on the part of the cloth covering the head of the seal is an annotation recording the fact that this was the seal of the Stavronikita Monastery and that it was cancelled in 1888. This seal was in fact annulled by decision of the Holy Community of Mount Athos, since the foundation had in 1887 been taken under the tutelage of the Community on account of its overwhelming load of debt. It did not recover the status of an independent foundation until 1902, but was administered by a trustee appointed by the Community.

Bibliography: Ktenas 1935, pp. 577-79.

Index of exhibits of Monastery of Stavronikita
19th century

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