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Greek Manuscripts
18.1 Acts of the Apostles with marginal scholia
10th-11th c.
St Paul's Monastery, Cod. 2
Parchment, 24.5/26 x 19.5 cm, ff. 429


The Original New Testament

This is undoubtedly the monastery's most important manuscript; the surviving part contains the Acts of the Apostles with marginal scholia. There is a great difference of opinion regarding its date. Traditionally, and this tradition has been recorded by later hands at various points in the manuscript, it was believed to have been written by Maria, wife of Constantine VI, and to date from about the year 800. Lambros accepted this view both in his Catalogue (1895) and his well-known Manual of Palaeography (1903). According to A. Sigalas, it is not possible for the manuscript to date from before the tenth century. This view was shared by L. Politis, who also believed that the manuscript is to be dated to the eleventh century and that the Maria mentioned in the note may be the wife of Michael VII Ducas and the donor of the manuscript. It is worth noting that the nineteenth-century Codex 48 at the same monastery is a copy of this manuscript.

At the end of the Table of Contents in an eighteenth-century hand:

'Written by Queen Maria in the year 800'.

In the title of the third section of the manuscript:

'John Zonaras: For Queen Maria who copied this book.'
'O Cross, protect Queen Maria.'

Note. Leaves which have fallen out at the beginning and at various other points have been replaced by eighteenth-century paper ones.

Bibliography: Lambros 1886-1908, Vol. IV, p. 37 (= facsimile). Lambros 1895, p. 19. Lambros 1902-3, pp. 235-236. Thompson-Lambros 1903, p. 271, n. 2. Brockhaus 1924 (2), pp. 231, 288. Sigalas 1934, p. 213, n. 1. Politis 1963, p. 123. Malamakis 1971, p. 202.

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