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18.13 The Life and Office of St Anthony
Panteleimon Monastery, Cod. 74
Parchment, 19.5 x 15 cm, ff. 129


The Original New Testament

Scribe. Joseph, 'sinner and monk'.

Three manuscripts by Joseph, the writer of this manuscript, survive; all of them were written in the period 1321-1324 at the metochi of St Anthony, a dependency of the Great Lavra. The surviving manuscripts are: Mosquensis Rumjancev 36 (492), now in the Lenin Library, a Menaion written in 1323; the present one, and Lavra Cod. Λ 91, a Typikon written in 1321-1322. All three manuscripts are small in format and written in the same archaizing hand.

Scribe's note.

On fol. 1v, below a crude ornament:

'Book of our saintly and godly father the great Anthony; property of the metochi of St Anthony of the Monastery of the Lavra on Mount Athos. May whoever removes it from this metochi be cursed by all the Athonite fathers and face Anthony as his accuser on the Day of Judgement. Written and submitted by me, Joseph, sinner and monk, on August 15 in the year 6832. (= 1324).'

Then, in a later hand, the note:

'1324, during the reign of Andronicos Palaeologos.'

On fol. 54v:

'This little book was written by me, Joseph, sinner and monk, in August anno mundi 6832 (= 1342). May all those holy fathers who happen to use it pray for my humble self to the Lord.'

Bibliography: Lambros 1900, p. 289. Ehrhard 1936-52, III, p. 975. Lamberz 1991, pp. 50-1 and n. 99-101 (bibliography), p. 70, n. 191. Lamberz 1992 (in press).

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