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Greek Manuscripts
18.14 Nicholas Catascepenos, Lives of saints, including the Life of Cyril Phileotis
Karakalou Monastery, Cod. 42
Paper, 29.5 x 19.5 cm, ff. 294


The Original New Testament

Scribe. Neilos, a monk at Lavra.

Neilos's stay at Lavra is a clearly stated and established fact. He was very active, writing numerous manuscripts in the period 1317-1347. A full catalogue of them, together with the order in which they were written and the relevant bibliography, may be found in Lamberz (1991, p. 52). His identification with the Neilos at the Serres monastery is mistaken.

Note. Neilos wrote only fols. 47-202; fols. 1-46 are by another hand, while fols. 203-294 constitute a different codex.

Script. Archaizing but with some individual traits.

Bibliography: Lambros 1895, p. 132. Vogel - Gardthausen 1909, pp. 329, 330. Ehrhard 1936-52, III, p. 924. PLP 1976ff., nos. 20031, 20033. Lamberz 1991, pp. 51-2 and n. 102-10 (bibliography), p. 70, n. 191. Lamberz 1992 (in press).

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