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Athos Holy Mount

Greek Manuscripts
18.16 Seventy-five Feast-day Sermons by various authors
Pantokrator Monastery, cod. 84
Parchment, 36 x 27 cm, ff. I + 425 + II


The Original New Testament

Scribe. Theoleptos, a monk at the Pantokrator Monastery. Theoleptos also wrote the Lavra Cod. Γ 128 (A.D. 1357).

Recent studies have established that at the Lavra, Vatopedi, Pantokrator, Philotheou and, to a lesser degree, Esphigmenou Monasteries, the number of manuscripts written on Mount Athos during the Palaeologan era was large. Thus at the Pantokrator Monastery there are many manuscripts which were written either at this monastery or elsewhere on Athos. However, the two manuscripts by Theoleptos, Pantokrator Cod. 84 (A.D. 1362) and Lavra Cod. Γ 128 (A.D. 1357), were perhaps written on Mount Athos (at the Lavra?) but by a scribe who came from the Hodegon Monastery in Constantinople, as Linos Politis discovered. This view is corroborated by the use of parchment as writing material in both manuscripts, since, as has recently been established, 'parchment was replaced by paper on Mount Athos quite suddenly in about the year 1320', while parchment continued to be used at the Hodegon Monastery in Constantinople for quite a while longer.

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