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Greek Manuscripts
18.2 John Chrysostom, Commentary on the Gospel of St Matthew (Homilies 45-90)
Iviron Monastery
Parchment, 38.5 x 31.5 cm, ff. 307


The Original New Testament

Scribe. The writer of this manuscript is Theophanis Iviritis, by whose hand 14 manuscripts survive -10 dated between 1004 and 1023, and 4 undated- of which 2 are to be found on Mount Athos, 7 in Moscow, 2 in the Vatican, and one each in London, Paris and Turin.

On the basis of codicological evidence, research has found that the dated manuscripts of Theophanis fall into two groups: a) those written between 1004 and 1014, and b) those written between 1020 and 1023.

In the manuscripts of the first group, the quaternions begin with the hair side of the parchment and are numbered in the bottom inside corner. In the manuscripts of the second group, the quaternions begin with the flesh side and are numbered in the middle of the bottom margin. These codicological characteristics of Theophanis' manuscripts, together with certain others (e.g. the method of ruling the parchment), display a connection with manuscripts of Southern Italian origin and suggest that Theophanis came to Mount Athos from Italy. This activity of Theophanis on Mount Athos, albeit subject to foreign influences, is of great importance, and together with that of the calligrapher John shows that manuscripts were being produced on Mount Athos itself, on a limited scale, in the early period of minuscule script.

Scribe's note. At the end of the manuscript:

'This book was finished in the year 6515 (= 1007) and written by the hand of the humble monk Theophanes.'

Decoration. Similar to that of Cod. 18.5

Bibliography: Lambros 1900, p. 5. Vogel - Gardthausen 1909, p. 145 (9 MSS, 6 dated and 3 undated). Lake 1934-7, III, no. 96, pls. 168-9. Irigoin 1959, pp. 200-4. RGK 1981, no. 136. RGK 1989, no. 180. Evangelatou-Notara 1982, pp. 85, 154. Lamberz 1991, pp. 37-41, n. 35-56 (with a detailed bibliography of both general and specialized works for each manuscript). See also Koutloumousiou no. 18.3.

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