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Greek Manuscripts
18.25 Dioscurides, De materia medica (Books I-V)
15th c.
Iviron Monastery, Cod. 216
Paper, 19.5/20.5 x 14.5/15.5 cm, ff. 182


The Original New Testament

Five manuscripts of Dioscurides survive on Mount Athos, of which Lavra Cod. Ω 75 (12th c.) is not only the most important one of this author's work but also the most important of all the manuscripts preserved on Athos today. Amongst the other manuscripts of Dioscurides the present one, which is a copy of Codex Ω 75 at the Lavra, is outstanding.

Bibliography: Lambros 1900, p. 62. Rudberg 1956, p. 179.

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15th century

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