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Greek Manuscripts
18.3 Six-month hagiographical collection for the winter months, 'Vermischte Metaphrast', acc. to Ehrhard
Koutloumousiou Monastery, Cod. 25
Parchment, 34.5 x 27 cm, ff. 257


The Original New Testament

Scribe. Theophanis Iviritis. See also no. 18.2.

We owe the discovery of this manuscript by Theophanes to Ehrhard, the German scholar who studied the Greek hagiographical manuscripts and provided us with a monumental 3-volume work on them (see bibliography). Ehrhard, however, did not recognize Theophanes of Iviron Monastery as the writer of this manuscript, despite the fact that it is signed twice by him (on fols. 230v and 257v). At the beginning, Theophanes wrote folios 1-230v and at the end he added the first scribe's note, which includes the date; then he wrote folios 231-257v and added the second scribe's note on fol. 257v.

The manuscript is very badly damaged at the beginning; in fols. 1-92 the outside half of each leaf is missing; in fols. 92-172 the upper part of each leaf is missing.

One flyleaf at the beginning and one at the end are from a music manuscript.

Bibliography: Lambros 1895, p. 276. Ehrhard 1936-52, II, p. 311, III, pp. 130-2. Lamberz 1991, pp. 37-41, n. 35-56 (exhaustive bibliography).

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