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Greek Manuscripts
18.30 Synaxarion
Stavronikita Monastery, Cod. 97
Paper, 38.5 x 25 cm, ff. 273


The Original New Testament

Scribe. Matthew of Myra

Matthew of Myra, the writer of this manuscript, came from Pogoniani in Epirus and belonged to the circle of Luke, who was of Cypriot origin and had become bishop of the Vlach town of Buzau. Luke of Buzau had reduced the art of writing manuscripts - chiefly liturgical ones, which by now were being written on paper in book form rather than in the traditional form of a roll - to a purely artistic level. It could be said that he created a school, the style of which was imitated by many pupils, most of whom were prelates like himself. Amongst Luke's pupils stands out Matthew of Myra, who, at the time of writing this manuscript, was still a hieromonk and senior archimandrite at the great church of Pogoniani. Many manuscripts of his survive (see bibliography).

Scribe's note. At the end of the manuscript:

'This holy and sacred Gospel for daily use was finished by the hand of Matthew, hieromonk and protosyngelos at the great church of Pogoniani during the reign of our most pious and Christ-loving king and Emperor of all Russia, Theodore John, in the divinely protected city of Moscow in October 7104 (= 1596).'

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