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Greek Manuscripts
18.33 Kaisarios or Konstantinos Dapontes, Autograph notes
Xeropotamou Monastery, Cod. 344
Paper, 32 x 21.5 cm, ff. 79 (only 12 inscribed)


The Original New Testament

Amongst the numerous manuscripts of late date on Mount Athos, which are often of religious, liturgical or musical content, may be found a number of particular interest to the study of Modern Greek history and literature.

A number of these manuscripts exist at the Xeropotamou Monastery, some of which are either autographs or contain autograph notes by Kaisarios Dapontes, such as the Cod. 344.

According to a recent study, the notes in the present manuscript were very probably written during his last stay at the Xeropotamou Monastery (3 July - 4 December 1784) shortly before his death and may be 'his last piece of writing'. Certainly the notes were intended for personal use and not for publication. They refer to the last twenty years of his life, and deal with matters relating to the history of the Xeropotamou Monastery as well as other monasteries on and outside Athos.

Bibliography: Eudokimos 1932, p. 163. Kadas 1988, pp. 183, 184 and 185 n. 8, where there is an exhaustive bibliography.

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