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Greek Manuscripts
18.4 Evangelistarion
11th c.
Simonopetra Monastery, Cod. 124
Parchment bifolium, 32 x 24.5 cm


The Original New Testament

As was pointed out in the introductory note, the collection at the Simonopetra Monastery was completely destroyed by fire in 1891. In recent decades, after a great deal of effort, some 140 manuscripts have been gathered at the monastery from its dependencies. Of these, the only one of parchment is this bifolium from a manuscript containing Gospel readings (= Evangelistarion); the fragment formed folios 4 and 5 of a quaternion, judging by the continuous text, which consists of Gospel extracts for the Orthros on Palm Sunday (Matthew 21:1-11, 15-17) and the Divine Liturgy on the same day (John 12:1-18).

Script. Perlschrift type.

Decoration. A multicoloured Π at the beginning of the Gospel for the Divine Liturgy. Red-gold initial letters, notes inscribed in red ink, and a red-gold inscription on fol. 1v.

Note. Fine parchment, singed at the bottom margin near the corner.

Bibliography: Sotiroudis 1994, pp. 228-9.

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