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Greek Manuscripts
18.8 John Scholasticus, The Ladder of Paradise
11th-12th c.
Skete of St Anne, Cod. 3
Parchment, 17.4 x 11 cm, ff. 174


The Original New Testament

Note. The recent history of this codex is rather curious and unusual. After being recorded by Lambros in 1895, in whose Catalogue it is listed as no. 3 (general no. 84), the codex disappeared for many years. Thus, when Gerasimos Mikragiannitis compiled his own catalogue in 1959, he put an uncatalogued manuscript from the eighteenth-nineteenth century in the vacant no. 3 position, stating the fact in a footnote. Then at some point the manuscript reappeared and it has now reacquired its old number.

Bibliography: Lambros 1895, p. 11. Gerasimos Mikragiannitis 1961, p. 13.

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11th century

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