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Athos Holy Mount

Slavonic Manuscripts
19.14 Pateriko
18th-19th c.
Panteleimon Monastery, Cod. 44
Paper, 21 x 16 cm
Two manuscripts, ff. 44


The Original New Testament

The first part (fols. 1-26) is in Church Slavonic semi-uncial, the second in tachygraphy. The script of the first part (18th c.) reflects the Russian Church Slavonic tradition, that of the second (19th c.) the purely Russian tradition.

The scribe of the first manuscript uses red ink for the titles and the initials. The binding dates from the nineteenth century.

The volume contains a treatise on the cenobitic life (fols. 1r-3r), questions put to John by Alypios (fols. 3v-4v), and a letter from the elder Paisy Velitchkovsky, which was published in Zitie i pisanija Moldavskago starca Paisija Velickovskago (Moscow, 1847), pp. 238-56. The importance of the manuscript lies precisely in the fact that it preserves a text by this noted neo-hesychast monk.

Bibliography: Tachiaos 1981, no. 44, p. 92.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of St. Panteleimon (of the Russians)
18th century

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