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Slavonic Manuscripts
19.3 Tetraevangelon
14th c.
Chelandari Monastery, Cod. 5
Parchment, 30.3 x 21.5 cm, ff. 258


The Original New Testament

Cyrillic majuscules. Serbian redaction. Rashka orthography. The rubrics are in Greek, the initials simple and ordinary. Headpieces on fols. 1r, 64v, 107r, and 184r.

This is a book of Gospels of the older type, with the canon tables (lists of corresponding passages) drawn up by Ammonios but without Theophylactos's prologue. The Menology (starting on p. 241) includes the Serbian saints Arsenios, Sabbas, and Symeon, on the correct dates.

The manuscript preserves the Serbian literary and orthographic tradition of the fourteenth century, together with the Serbian tradition of the illumination of sacred ecclesiastical books.

Bibliography: Chilandarec 1897, no. 15. Hilandarac 1908, no. 12. Bogdanovic 1978, no. 12, p. 57.
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14th century

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