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Slavonic Manuscripts
19.5 Chronicle of Georgios Hamartolos
Panteleimon Monastery, Cod. 17
Paper, 39.5 x 27.5cm, ff. 252 +III


The Original New Testament

Cyrillic semi-uncial. Serbian redaction. The text is written in two columns, with decorative initials on fols. 11r, 39r, and 127r. There are also some interesting notes on fols. 126r, 252r, and II concerning the scribes, the year in which the MS was written, and what happened to it thereafter. The content is the Chronicle of the monk Georgios Hamartolos (a history of the world from creation to A.D. 842) translated into the Serbian ecclesiastical language of the time.

This is a Slavonic version of a very important Byzantine historical and theological text.

Bibliography: Avramovic 1848, pp. 116, 118. Jagic 1867, p. 191. Archim. Leonid 1875, p. 49. Iljinskij 1908 (2), p. 19. Tachiaos 1981, no. 17, pp. 47-9.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of St. Panteleimon (of the Russians)
14th century

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