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Athos Holy Mount

Slavonic Manuscripts
19.6 Book of Liturgies
14th c.
Zographou Monastery, Library, Cod. I. r. 12
Paper (2 types), 18.5 x 13 cm, ff. 165


The Original New Testament

Cyrillic semi-uncial. Bulgarian (Trnovo) redaction. Copied by several scribes. Four types of watermark: a leopard, a mermaid, circles with lines through them, and a pear, from the years 1386-90. The binding, of cardboard and decorated leather, is of later date. The decoration of the manuscript is confined to three small geometrical headpieces coloured red and blue (fols. 1r, 28r, and 48r), and red geometrical initial letters. Fol. 107r includes 'prayers written by the Patriarch of Trnovo, Kyr. Euthymios'.
Bibliography: Iljinskij 1908 (1), no. 121. Rajkov et al. 1994, no. 46, p. 49.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of St. Panteleimon (of the Russians)
14th century

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