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Athos Holy Mount

Slavonic Manuscripts
19.7 Tetraevangelon
16th c.
Zographou Monastery, Cod. 1. B. 9
Paper, 30.2 x 20cm, ff. I + 287


The Original New Testament

Wallacho-Moldavian Cyrillic semi-uncial. Trnovo orthography. The cardboard and leather binding is of later date. The decoration is typical of the area: each Gospel reading begins with a large letter decorated with coloured leaves.

Contents: a list of Gospel readings for Sundays and weekdays (fols. 1r-9r), the Gospel readings (fols. 9r-280v), a short Menology which does not include the Slav saints (fols. 281r-284v), a list of Gospel readings for Lent (fols. 284v-286v), and a list of the musical modes for the Easter Gospels (fols. 286v-287v).

Bibliography: Iljinskij 1908 (1), no. 35. Kodov et al. 1985, no. 35, pp. 74-5.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of Zographou
16th century

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