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Athos Holy Mount

Slavonic Manuscripts
19.9 Book of Liturgies
Chelandari Monastery, Cod. 327
Paper, 21 x 1 cm, ff. IV + 86 + I


The Original New Testament

Written by the 'sinful Demetrios', a native of Novo Selo in Bulgaria

Cyrillic semi-uncial. Serbian redaction. Resava orthography. Watermark (three halfmoons) and leather binding of the same period (17th c.). Miniatures: John Chrysostom (fol. 7v) and Basil the Great (fol. 39v).

Contents: Offertory (fol. 1r), Liturgy of John Chrysostom (fol. 8r), Liturgy of Basil the Great (fol. 40r), Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts (fol. 60r), Services of Vespers and Matins (fol. 75r), and Dismissal (fol. 78r).

There are interesting notes, concerning the scribe, the donor, and the date of the manuscript, on fols. 6r, 85r, and 86r.

Bibliography: Chilandarec 1897, no. 342. Hilandarac 1908, no. 399. Bogdanovic 1978, no. 327, pp. 135-6.
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17th century

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