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Athos Holy Mount

Georgian Manuscripts
20.2 Patristic works chiefly by St John Chrysostom and St Ephraim of Syria
Iviron Monastery, Library, Georgian Cod. 9
Parchment, 34.7 x 28 cm
Scribes: Stephanos and Ioannis


The Original New Testament

This is a miscellany of works by various fathers of the Church, most notably St John Chrysostom. It also includes a discourse by the Georgian monk St Sahak (Hahanashvili 1910, pp. 47-9. Tarchnishvili 1955, pp. 420, 495) and an apocryphal work by Joseph of Arimathaea, which is known only in this Georgian translation (Marr 1910; cf. Kekelidze 1918, p. 105. German translation: Kluge 1915, pp. 24-38.) The codex contains a long and very interesting note, which provides not only some important historical information but also an autobiographical account by a dignitary named John Tornik, relating how he left his monastery for a while to help the curopalates David to suppress the rebellion led by Bardas Skleros. Regarding this notable text, see Peeters 1932, pp. 358-71; Tarchnishvili 1954, pp. 113-24.

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10th century

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