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Georgian Manuscripts
20.5 Life of St George the Athonite of Iviron
Iviron Monastery, Library, Georgian Cod. 30
Parchment, 25.3 x 18.9 cm
Scribe: Eustratios, presbyter


The Original New Testament

The life of St George of Iviron is a text of great importance, supplying a wealth of information about its subject, about Georgian hagiology, and about the history of Iviron Monastery and Athonite monasticism in general. A scribal note informs us that this manuscript is an exact copy of the original. Yet, whereas some older manuscripts of the life of St George the Athonite present textual problems, this one (which has not yet been sufficiently studied) preserves the most authentic form of the text. It has been translated into Latin: Peeters 1922, pp. 69-159.

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11th century

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