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Athos Holy Mount

Music Manuscripts
21.10 Anthologia
Docheiariou Monastery, Cod. 332
Paper, 21.5 x 16.5 cm, ff. 580
Scribe: Paisios, hieromonk


The Original New Testament

A singularly beautiful and important 'book of mellifluous chants' executed by the hieromonk Paisios, a well-known and interesting copyist, in 1760 and 1764. Binding of light-brown leather and wooden boards with stamped decoration and representations of the crucifixion and a saintly virgin bearing branches. At the beginning there is the customary Protheoria. In terms of overall content, this is a standard Papadike of the eighteenth century. On fol. 18v there is a beautiful multicoloured painting in a popular yet interesting style of John of Damascus, executed in 1764. A very clear, fine and carefully executed script; the notation, hypostases and text have all been inscribed with the same pen.

Catalogued-by: 1975, pp. 382-90.
G. Th. S.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of Docheiareiou
18th century

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