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Music Manuscripts
21.13 Papadike
Xeropotamou Monastery, Cod. 309
Paper, 27 x 19 cm, ff. 517
Scribe: Damaskenos Agraphorendiniotis


The Original New Testament

An outstanding and very bulky Papadike. Binding of black leather on wooden boards with stamped decoration and a representation of the prophet-king David. It comprises a fixed, codified version of the Papadike of the second half of the eighteenth century. A singularly elegant, very clear and carefully executed script in black ink, with a light, almost brick-red ink for the rubrics and the beautiful embellished initials. Numerous ornaments at the beginning of each section in predominantly light blue, yellow and light green watercolours. The Complete Works of Petros Bereketis lie in a separate section at the end (fols. 405r-516v).

Catalogued-by: Stathis 1975, pp. 119-20.
G. Th. S.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of Xeropotamou
18th century

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