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Music Manuscripts
21.17 Doxastarion of Iakovos Protopsaltis
Iviron Monastery, Cod. 447 (undocumented)
Paper, 17.2 x 12.5 cm, ff. 381
Scribe: Chourmouzios Chartophylakas



The Original New Testament

This codex - the Doxastarion of Iakovos Protopsaltes (+ 1800) - is, in terms of its basic contents, a copy of the prototype. As a separate codex in its own right, however, it is the work of Chourmouzios Chartophylakas, the tireless expositor and teacher of the New Method of analytical notation, which resulted from the revision made to the system of notation in Constantinople in 1814. It is, therefore, one of the original manuscripts containing an exposition of the 1814 reform, the only one of its kind on Mount Athos, and appears to have been commissioned by 'the Prior of Iviron Ioannikios of Trikke', who testifies on fol. 349v that it 'was written in the year 1827, and finished on November 25th'. The codex is in very good condition. The colophon on fol. 349v is in red ink.


G. Th. S.
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19th century

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