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Music Manuscripts
21.3 Papadike
Iviron Monastery, Cod. 1120
Paper, 18.2 x 12.2 cm, ff. 704
Scribe: Manuel Doukas Chrysaphis, lampadarios


The Original New Testament

In the recent foliation of this work two errors were committed: fol. 463 was counted as 444 again, and fol. 569 was counted as 560. The total number of folios is 674+30, i.e. 704. Thus, this outstanding Papadike is the bulkiest of its kind. At the beginning there is the text of the customary Protheoria on the system of notation for the art of chant and the treatise On the Theory of the Art of Chanting by Manuel Chrysaphis ('lampadarios in the irreproachable royal clergy'). The codex contains a very rich and varied compilation, arranged in large sections, of the settings by Byzantine composers for daily and nightly offices of the Church, namely Vespers, the Orthros and the Divine Liturgy.

Fol. 139r contains a 'verse composed by the lampadarios Manuel Chrysaphis by order of our late holy king and lord Constantine Palaeologos in the fourth plagal mode: Today I brought you forth", which in the lower margin is described as 'very sweet-sounding, to my mind'. Fols. 440r-443v contain the 'service sung on the Sunday before the Nativity of Christ, namely the feast of [the three children in] the furnace'.

Bibliography: Velimirovic 1962, pp. 351-85; Stathis 1979, pp. 100-18.

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