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Music Manuscripts
21.4 Papadike
ca. 1670
Iviron Monastery, Cod. 1250
Paper, 20.5 x 15.5 cm, ff. 352
Scribe: Balasis, priest and nomophylax


The Original New Testament

A very important Papadike for the history of the notation of Byzantine chant since, on fol. 212r, it contains the autograph text of Balasis, priest and nomophylax of the Great Church, expounding the Trisagion memorial service in the second plagal mode. This text marks the point of division between the second and third periods in the evolution of Byzantine notation. The binding is of black leather with very sumptuous stamped decoration and representations of the Annunciation and Christ crucified on an X-shaped cross. It is in very good condition. By using a small script the scribe has been able to include almost all the musical output of the composers of the seventeenth century as well as a selection of compositions from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. On flyleaves Β'α - Γ'β there are pictures of John of Damascus and Ioannis Koukouzelis, together with what is very probably a self-portrait of the scribe Balasis himself.

Bibliography: Stathis 1979, 53-4.

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