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Music Manuscripts
21.6 Anastasimatarion - Anthologia
Xenophontos Monastery, Cod. 128
Paper, 18.5 x 13.6 cm, ff. 251
Scribe: Panagiotis Chrysaphis the Younger, protopsaltis



The Original New Testament

One of the most beautiful music manuscripts is this one by the protopsaltis of the Great Church Chrysaphis the Younger, written in 1671. It is the original Anastasimatarion of Chrysaphis the Younger, '...with new melodic embellishments and new mellifluous musical signs, as now sung by the chanters in Constantinople'. It is supplemented by an Anthologia, which includes all of Chrysaphis' compositions up to the time of writing. It is in excellent condition, with a very elegant binding of red leather with stamped representations. It contains seven beautiful polychrome miniatures. The text is in a vivid black ink, with a vivid red for the common rubrics and the elegant embellished initials and headpieces, which have been enriched in some places with gold ink and in others a greenish one.

Catalogued-by: Stathis 1976, pp. 57-68.
G. Th. S.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of Xenophontos
17th century

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