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Music Manuscripts
21.8 Papadike
Gregoriou Monastery, Cod. 4
Paper, 22 x 17 cm, ff. 781
Scribe: Michael of Chios, priest


The Original New Testament

An outstanding and very bulky Papadike, written by the priest Michael of Chios in 1744. It contains a codified version of the output of both Byzantine and late Byzantine composers. Of interest to musicological research are the embellishments of the melodies, the abbreviations and explanations, as well as the customary Protheoria. Makeshift binding. Carefully executed script. At the beginning and end of each section there are multicoloured ornaments, and coloured sketches executed in a popular style on fols. 450v, 452r, 521v and 584r.

Catalogued-by: 1976, pp. 590-4.
G. Th. S.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of Gregoriou
18th century

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