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Music Manuscripts
21.9 Akathistos Hymn and Kratematarion
St Paul's Monastery, Cod. 146
Paper, 31.3 x 20 cm, pp. 372
Scribe: Theodosios of Chios


The Original New Testament

A fine, well-preserved codex, written by Theodosios of Chios, deacon and protopsaltis at the Metropolis of Smyrna, in 1758. It contains the Akathistos Hymn, with a setting by the lampadarios Ioannis Kladas, together with the Byzantine Kratematarion. At the end lies a copy of the Sung Office of Vespers (pp. 363-372), which is extremely interesting because this office of the Secular Byzantine Rite occurs very rarely. The codex is elegant, with lines of equal length and wide margins. A small, clear script, with both text and notation inscribed with the same pen. Beautiful embellished initials in crimson ink.

Catalogued-by: Stathis 1993, pp. 140-5.
G. Th. S.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of St. Paul's
18th century

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