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22.1 Homer, Complete Works
Iviron Monastery, Library


The Original New Testament

[The extant works of Homer] [at the end of the second volume]: The complete poetry of Homer finished by the grace of God in Florence, commissioned by the noble and virtuous benefactors of Greek letters Bernard and Neri Tanaidos of the Florentine Nerili family, printed with care and skill for the learned by Demetrios Mediolaneos the Cretan, and dedicated to Hellenic letters, 9 December 1488.'

Two folio volumes.

A monumental first edition by Greeks of Homer. The first volume includes: 1) Herodotus of Halicarnassos, Birth and Life of Homer. 2) Plutarch, Life of Homer. 3) Dio Chrysostom, Book 53, On Homer. 4) The Iliad. The second volume includes: 1) The Odyssey. 2) The Battle of the Frog and Mouse. 3) Hymns.

The work was edited by the Athenian humanist Demetrios Chalkokondilis (1423-1511), and printed using an improved version of the type created by the Cretan Demetrios Damilas, and used in what is believed to be the first printed Greek book, the Grammar of Constantinos Laskaris (Milan 1476).

On Mount Athos copies also exist in the monasteries of Great Lavra and Vatopedi.

Bibliography: Legrand 1885-1903, I, no. 5.

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