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22.10 Pseudo-Dorotheos, Chronicler
Pantokrator Monastery, Library (no.433)
Venice, N. Saros


The Original New Testament

'A history book containing brief accounts of various important events. From the Creation to the Fall of Constantinople and beyond. A collection of true Histories written in simple language by the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Monemvasia Dorotheos. Also included are short descriptions of current events, wars, kings and princes not mentioned in the others. In addition a table with a wealth of information concerning memorable events. Edited and corrected by George Maiotos, deacon from Kydonia in Crete. Dedicated to the noble gentleman Dominikos Kothonas. Venice. 1691. Printed by Nicholas Saros. Con Licenza de Superiori, e Privilegio.'

20.5 cm.- fol.[23]+pp.560+[1].- On pages 3-4: 'From Nicholas Saros to the most honourable and noble gentleman Dominikos Kothonas.' On pages 5-8: 'From Apostolos Tzigaras to all the pious Orthodox.'- At the end is a printer's mark.

Chronicles were popular stories rather than historical works. New editions were brought up to date with additional information and recent historical events. The Chronicle of Dorotheos (whom historical research has doubted as the author of the work) is said to have been written at the urging of Zotos 'called Tzigaras' (who hailed from Ioannina), brother-in-law of the prince of Moldavia. The work was reprinted, with new additions, almost up to the 1821 Uprising.There is evidence of about 25 editions, although copies have not been found for some of them. This edition was almost forgotten (see the journal O Mnemon, issue no.8, 1980-81, pp. 343-5), and this is the first complete copy to be found.

Bibliography: Papadopoulos 1986, p.481a.

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