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22.11 Athanasios Varouchas, Uplifting Addresses
Iviron Monastery, Library (two copies)
Venice, N. Saros


The Original New Testament

'Uplifting Addresses on the Redeeming Passion and the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Composed by the hieromonk Athanasios Varouchas of Crete, for the benefit and salvation of the faithful. Now published for the first time, edited by the Priest Ioannis Avramiou, with all diligence. Venice 1711. At [the press of] Nikolaos Saros, 1711. Con Licenzia de Superiori.'

15.5 cm.- pp. 218. On p. (8) is a woodcut of the Crucifixion, and on p. 3-7 the dedication: 'To all Christian Priests, Laymen and Monks, repentance, health and every good and beneficial thing... the unworthy hieromonk Athanasios Varouchas of Crete.'

The Uplifting Addresses of Athanasios Varouchas were amongst the most popular moralising readings of the eighteenth century (14 re-issues have been discovered). Until a few years ago no copy had been found of this 1711 publication, which was the first edition of the work. It was documented from a copy in an Italian library (Casanatense Library in Rome).

Bibliography: Papadopoulos 1977, pp. 163-5.

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