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22.7 Psalter
Skete of St Anne, Kyriakon, Library


The Original New Testament

The Psalms of David. 1586.

17.5 cm. - fol.[126]. Two-colour printing.- From the verso of the title folio to the recto of the next folio: 'To the Most Reverend Archbishop of Philadelphia and Patriarchal Exarch Gabriel Severus. Manuel Glyzounios salutes in the name of the Lord. Venice, 1586.'

It is certain that for this psalter Emmanuel Glyzounios of Chios (ca.1540-1596) had the help of the wise Cretan Maximos Margounios (ca.1549-1602), Bishop of Kythera, even though the latter's name is nowhere mentioned in the book.

The Psalter is the earliest printed service book (Milan 1481, Greek-Latin edition, obviously not for use by Greeks) and was later repeatedly reprinted, since it was used not only in churches but also as a school book. So far 115 editions have been found for the period up to 1800. Of the present edition only two copies have been discovered (the other being in the Great Lavra).

Bibliography: Papadopoulos 1986, no. 278.

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