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22.9 Akakios Diakroussis, Selections
Docheiariou Monastery, Library (no.716, signature 3)
Venice, Andrea Giuliani


The Original New Testament

'Selections, that is a booklet containing prayers to the Virgin and John the Baptist. The meaning of Holy Communion. Verses to the Blessed Trinity, Others for Good Friday. All printed and proofread by the hieromonk Akakios Diakroussis from the island of Kefalonia. Commissioned by the gentleman Nicholas Anastasis. Con Licenza de Superiori, & Priuilegio. Venice, printed by Andrea Giuliani, 1687.'

14.5 cm.- fol.[4]+68.- On pages 2-6, lines by Akakios Diakroussis to the sponsor of the publication, the Venetian merchant Nicholas Anastasis from Monemvasia, reprinted from an earlier (1665) edition of this work by the same printer (see Papadopoulos 1986, no. 421). On p.7: Edifying lines to him....& Others.... Copperplate engravings of the Annunciation (page 8), the Holy Trinity (page 45) and the Crucifixion (page 55).

This is the only extant copy of this edition.

Bibliography: Papadopoulos 1986, no. 1078.

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17th century

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